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Lays Dominican Potato Chips White Cheese 16g Pack of 12 Units

Lays Dominican Potato Chips White Cheese 16g Pack of 12 Units

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The Dominican Potato Chips White Cheese come in packs of 12 units, each pack containing 16 grams of chips. These potato chips are flavored with white cheese, offering a savory and creamy taste profile. They are likely crunchy and seasoned to enhance the cheese flavor, providing a satisfying snack option. The packaging is convenient for individual servings, making them ideal for snacks on the go or for sharing.

With a flavor of white cheese that captures the bold taste of fresh cheese flavor. As for quality, all Lay's potato chips maintain the highest standards, and since each bag is shipped directly from our facilities, you can trust that all our chips will taste as fresh as they are delicious.

  • For cheese lovers!
  • Especially loved by kids and youngsters because it’s a handy option for snacks.
  • Much used in birthday parties, school and work breaks, all types of festivities and everywhere you want to enjoy a delicious snack!
  • Manufacturing company: Frito Lay Dominicana.
  • Packaged in convenient packs of 12 units, each containing 16 grams of savory potato chips flavored with white cheese.
  • These chips offer a crunchy texture and a creamy, bold white cheese flavor that appeals to cheese lovers.
  • Ideal for individual servings, perfect for snacking on the go or sharing at gatherings.
  • Maintains high quality standards with ingredients shipped directly from Frito Lay Dominicana's facilities.
  • Popular among kids and youngsters for its convenience and delicious taste, making it a favorite for birthday parties, school breaks, and all types of celebrations.
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