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Intimamente Bella

Perfume refill spray bottle 0.17oz (5ml)

Perfume refill spray bottle 0.17oz (5ml)

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It is very easy to use and can be recharged in seconds. Simply remove the cap of your perfume spray to access the white tube and fill it from the bottom of the sample, or also fill it from the top, if the perfume does not have a white tube. You can see the perfume level through the side window of the sampler. Store your favorite perfume in a smaller container without having to take the entire bottle with you on TRAVEL. COMPACT AND PORTABLE, convenient for storage and transportation. Bottle with transparent window to see the volume Size Approved by national and international Air Transport (TSA-friendly) Essential item for men and women Store in your bag, pocket, suitcase, etc. For parties, daily life, work or travel. Your original bottle will not be broken, lost or stolen. It also avoids extra space and weight. Volume: 5 ml (0.17oz) Size: 8 x 1.7 cm Weight: 13 g The order represents: 1 empty bottle, without perfume.

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